Albert Einstein had IQ & EQ – Emotional Intelligence!

Einstein EQ

Albert Einstein: “I fear the day when technology surpasses our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”

Isn’t it odd that one of the most brilliant minds of history used the words “technology” and “idiots” in the same sentence?

I don’t think he was talking about IQ; I believe it’s EQ…..Emotional Intelligence. Emotional intelligence is one’s understanding of themselves, the people you interact with and the world around you. To be self-aware; to know what energizes you, what demoralizes you, how you react to the comments and actions of others and the emotions you are feeling when you do….all of that….empowers you. Yes, it empowers you to be the best that you can be and in doing so, allows you to experience your professional and personal life to a new level that others will have a hard time understanding…a more self-fulfilling you!

The more we embrace technology and all of the wonderful aspects of it, the less we rely on direct human interaction for work, entertainment, etc. and ultimately, the more isolated our emotions become as we share less with others on an interpersonal level. I think that’s the idiocy that Einstein was referring to rather than intellect; that we become mindless toward other’s emotions and hence, our own and in so doing, miss the opportunity to become great. Anyone can become great…or, at least greater than they are if they choose to learn more about what makes them tick. WARNING! It takes a strong soul to face your frailties as you look for your strengths but, it is short-lived as you will have made a great stride forward with your life. Just remember though that you have no weaknesses! Just over-used strengths! Seek to learn about yourself with a DISC personality assessment and turn self-awareness into self-empowerment to rise above the lunacy of your day.

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