Better Call Saul Personalities


The Four DiSC Styles In “Better Call Saul

What a broad range of characters that are also an excellent display of four basic DiSC styles!

Do you think Slipp’n Jimmy has some “I” in him?  A talker, outgoing, etc. – to be sure.  Though, he is also sincere and serves others even though it may cost him to do so.  That gives him some “S” mixed in too also because he seems to never give up – he pursues and “sticks” both shown by helping his brother and diving into dumpsters.  He’s not about details because he likes the big picture so much and his results orientation is all about getting acceptance and recognition – less about actual results.  He’s smart but, has some trouble “connecting the dots” so, he relies on his gal-pal, Kim Wexler who is always there to support him.

images05K2CTOQIf ever there was a great example of an “S” type; it’s shown by Kim.  Sincere, quiet-spoken, diligent, supportive, non-self-promoting, non-self-indulgent, “works-until-midnight type” are all there.  She probably has some “C” as she is cautious and critical (though in a soft, supportive way). She’s all about the team and puts everyone else ahead of her.  Because of her desire for “status-quo” and unwillingness to challenge authority (unless it is to question firm principal Howard about Jimmy who she supports), she will toil away for years in a thankless position while ever-believing she will ultimately win a partnership.  She is the low-key “work-horse” that Howard is more than willing to use for self gain and that of the firm.

better-call-saul-episode-205-howard-fabian-interview-1200x707[1]Howard Hamlin is the ambitious “D” in this series with a healthy dash of “I.”  Howard is the symbol of all that Jimmy wants to be.  That’s why Jimmy ends up dressing like Howard and adopts a look-alike business logo.  He has a no-nonsense attitude and believes what is good for Howard Hamlin is good for the firm – not necessarily the other way though.  Howard views Jimmy as a distraction not worthy of his attention until something comes along to challenge his authority and image – like the billboard and Jimmy’s new logo. He is a natural leader and exhibits strong self-confidence to a point where it confuses Jimmy into believing Howard dislikes him.  Howard doesn’t dislike Jimmy as he is too busy striving for the “win” all the time and glad that he has a brilliant “C” type in Jimmy’s brother as his other workhorse.

better-call-saul-chuck[1]Chuck McGill is a perfect “C” example that is information-driven, analytical, critical and prone to introverted self-analysis to such a point he eventually believes he has an allergic reaction to electro-magnetic forces that drives him into seclusion.  He thinks his brother Jimmy must have been born on Mars because nothing Jimmy does or says makes sense to Chuck as they are polar opposites.  Then again, Chuck has a very hard time understanding people in general.  Chuck processes well but, quietly works behind the scenes against his brother to keep him out of the firm because he harbors a deep resentment of Jimmy’s American Samoa law degree as being a preposterous replacement for a “real” degree even though Jimmy passes New Mexico bar exam to gain his law  license. Instead, Chuck surrounds himself with his beloved law books and can’t stand when things don’t work as they usually do like his New York Times not showing up.  Chuck is a very complex character who has a mind like a steel trap with photographic recall and rounds out this “Big Four” of DiSC styles with aplomb!



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