Your Greatest Good

010511_homeless[1]The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but reveal to them their ownBenjamin Disraeli

Ted William aka “The Golden Voice” knows this quote the best.  Homeless and hungry, Ted can count his blessings on the person who DIDN’T hand him a few bucks to make it through the night but, the one who helped lead him down the path to regain his dignity and use his extraordinary talent to rebuild an otherwise destroyed life.

THIS exemplifies the goal of every team-building exercise; for every person on a team to put aside their personal beliefs and goals and help the others realize their full potential for team success.  Through the team success, every member will, in turn, realize their personal success.  Ahhh…if it were only so easy to accomplish.  But, it can be!  The answer: a “servant-leadership” mindset!

For every team, there are one or more leaders both formal and informal. Whether they be the passionate and trusted football coach, the friendly subject matter expert who is willing to help and share their knowledge or, the social confidant and encourager – there are so many forms and roles people can and should adopt. To do so, one has to put aside their thoughts of personal gain and think of how they might help another person “gain”. The quotes are used on “gain” as it doesn’t really have to be measurable.  Sometimes it’s simply sincerely asking another, “How are you?, congratulating them with a, “Wow, that was an awesome new customer you landed!” or a helpful, “Is there anything I can do to help you? I know you have that deadline to meet.”

Remember that as a formal leader of a team, a church, a business, etc. you can never MAKE people act; feel or think a certain way – you can only help direct and encourage.  Ultimately, it comes down to helping everyone feel sincere respect on an individual level for the person they are and helping them achieve what they want in life.


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