Time Passes SlowlyAction always beats inactionRobert Kiyosaki

Robert was speaking to the 75% of the population whose primary DiSC personality style isn’t a “D Style” as they need to be reminded not to be distracted or hesitant.

He’s telling the “C Style” who never seems to have enough information to take action on a task because they are the most risk-adverse in decision-making that they do, in fact, have far more information to take action than the average person and should trust their instinctive response.

He’s also telling the “S Style” their tendency for “status-quo” isn’t going to move them forward in life or work even though that’s where they are most comfortable. They need to use their strength of collaboration to ask for help if needed and remember that the current state doesn’t always have the lowest risk or is the one to build/maintain relationships.

The “I Style” of course is easily distracted with their relationships, fun and social events so they may put off decisions and taking action because they rely on external motivation. They need to dispel the notion of, “Why act when we are having such a great time!?”

The “D Style” can also benefit from this quotation as they need to sometimes back off their desire to control outcomes and a “Go-Go” nature to give a group or family the benefit of different actions the other styles can contribute.  “D’s” can be very fast-acting and over-run others without even thinking about it.  All-in all, everyone who embraces action in their life will “live” the most!

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