What’s going on in your life?

Stress ManThose were the words spoken to me as I was handed my profile in my first DiSC Certification class.

Damn!  He knew!  Of course he would since he was a PhD in Psychology and one of the founding partners of the company that first brought DiSC into use.  Being a S/C style I was able to hide all the life and business issues I was facing from family and the employees of the company I owned but, all was about to be revealed and; in a not too subtle way!

“Paul, will you please stand up and tell everyone here what’s going on in your life?”  DAGGERS!  I wanted to throw daggers at him for asking me to do that!  Even so, my “C” compliance had me standing reluctantly in front of these 15 other people I had just met.  I quietly listed all of my life’s anxieties that were floating around in my head and the steady gazes of the others in the room started shaking in disbelief then progressing to nearly blank stares.  As I recited about the deaths of both in-laws, a parent starting chemo, to a child newly diagnosed with a neuro-muscular disorder, loss of my top salesperson and operations manager (both with essentially no notice) and more – all within the previous 90 days; a funny feeling came over me.  I was starting to feel better about it all!

I didn’t realize until I took a closer look at my DiSC profile that my “S” had gone to the moon as I hung onto all that I valued in life almost in a death-like grip and my normally low “I” went through the floorboards keeping everything bottled-up within. The daggers I was so keen to throw moments before were soon mentally tossed aside as I began to understand why our coach and trainer had me speak – he wanted to save me from a heart attack or stroke.

The next time you have a dear friend, co-worker, family member or neighbor who seems  quieter than usual and stressed ask them, “What’s going on in your life?”  They just may be a DiSC “S/C” who needs a caring prod to save them from the burden they feel compelled to carry in relative silence so as not to trouble anyone else and maintain the stability that is their guiding force.  More here: https://www.discprofiles4u.com/pages/High-S-Personality.html


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