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8 Dimensions of Leadership

Personalize your learning by identifying your primary leadership dimension with the 8 Dimensions of Leadership.

Using the Everything DiSC® online personality assessment—one of the most scientifically validated tools available — The 8 Dimensions of Leadership helps you identify your primary leadership dimension. Whether you are a Pioneering, Energizing, Affirming, Inclusive, Humble, Deliberate, Resolute, or Commanding leader, the book helps you understand the psychological drivers, motivations, and “blind spots” characteristic of your style.

But no single leadership style will take you all the way. A Humble leader may have a hard time making tough decisions. A Commanding leader may run roughshod over potential allies. The assessment book map will detail the lessons directly from The 8 Dimensions of Leadership that all leaders can learn from each style, enabling you to craft a multidimensional approach to becoming the leader you aspire to be.

To get the most out of The 8 Dimensions of Leadership, you’ll want to take our quick online assessment.  This assessment harnesses the power of the DiSC® model of human behavior to arm you with a personalized map to help you personalize your reading experience of The 8 Dimensions of Leadership book. 

8 Dimensions of Leadership Profile 

8 Dimensions of Leadership Book

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