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What is DiSC Profiling

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DiSC Profiling products from Inscape Publishing are the #1 selling behavioral assessment! - More than 40 million people have taken the DiSC Profile.

DiSC Profiling or the “DiSC Profile” is a personal assessment tool that helps people increase their self-awareness, and provides them with information for understanding others.

When you respond to a DiSC Profile, you complete a simple questionnaire that produces a detailed DiSC Profile Report, which describes your personality or
DiSC Behavioral Style.

DiSC Profiling creates an environment where people can discuss their behavioral differences and build better relationships.  

DiSC Profiling is not a test and you will not pass or fail. The DiSC Profile is not judgmental, so there are no “bad” profile results.

DiSC Profiling helps to improve communications, build teams and improve group productivity.  

Profiles identify and graphically presents the individual’s naturally occurring behavioral style.  Each individual develops distinct ways of feeling, thinking  and acting.  This is expressed in their behavior. Individual DiSC Behavioral Styles are expressed across four behavioral dimensions: 

Dominance Styles . . shape their environment and getresults by overcoming opposition
Influence Styles . .  use persuasion with influence  to shape the environment.
Steadiness Styles . . work within circumstances, and cooperate with others
Conscientiousness Styles . . . ensure quality with accuracy while working within limitations

DiSC Profiling benefits are  recognized world-wide:
Many Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, government, educational, church and organizations of all kinds find profiling to be an effective and easy to understand process for improving their organizations.


  • Develop a better understanding of yourself and others
  • Recognize the value of others and honor personality diversity
  • Understand the main priorities of each behavioral style
  • Learn what motivates each behavioral style
  • Learn the causes of stress for each style
  • Learn to be more flexible and to adapt your style
  • Minimize conflict and foster improved teamwork
  • Communicate effectively with people - personally and professionally
  • Manage more efficiently
  • Sell and service others more effectively
  • Lead more confident and effectively
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