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DiSC® Spanish En español Info


DiSC® Clásico (N. American Spanish language)

DiSC® Classic has helped millions to better understand themselves and others.

Uses: Professional Development, Career Development, Personal Coaching, Communication, Customer Service, Conflict Management, Teambuilding and more.

Usos: Desarrollo profesional, entrenamiento personal, comunicación, servicio al cliente, manejo de conflictos, creación de equipos y más.

DiSC® Clásico can help employees at all levels

  • Understand their own behavior
  • Learn how and when to adapt their behavior
  • Improve communication
  • Develop an appreciation of behavioral differences
  • Enhance individual and team performancev
  • Reduce conflict



DiSC® Clásico is the original 28-question test with 20-page blue booklet containing the test, scoring mechanism, and interpretation of results.



DiSC® Clásico 2.0 Profile

DiSC® Clásico 2.0 is the basic test delivered and interpreted online. It is more personalized and provides a richer interpretation.

DiSC® Clásico 2.0 Plus Profile Report

DiSC® Clásico 2.0 Plus adds 6 supplements on managing, relating, and selling.