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Everything DiSCEverything DiSC

Based on All New Research & Featuring the Circular Model to address specific behavioral skills needed for a more successful workplace.

Workplace Agile EQ Sales Management 363 For Leaders Productive Conflict Work of Leaders Everything DiSC

DiSC PaperClassic DiSC

Uses the Original DiSC Graph to identify 15 Classical Patterns – each reflective of an individual’s core behavioral identity.

Classic Online Classic Paper DiSC Online 2.0 DiSC 2.0 Plus DiSC Classic

What is a DiSC Profile?

DiSC Profile is a personal assessment used to identify and measure an individual's DiSC behavioral style. Behavior occurs as a result of unique and distinct ways of thinking, feeling and acting. It is an expression of identity – it distinguishes one individual from another - much like your finger print.

The workplace has evolved, and so have DiSC Profiles. Most recently, Everything DiSC Profiles were developed by Inscape, to help people better understand their work relationships. The topic specific Everything DiSC Profiles and Seminars are specifically designed for WORKPLACE TEAMS, MANAGEMENT, SALES, and LEADERSHIP.

Select the DiSC Profiles that Best Fit Your Objectives

Success at Work

Research tells us that successful people understand their own behaviors; and are able to adapt their DiSC behavioral style to meet the needs of people and their environment. The DiSC Profile Test helps to create environments that are conducive to workplace success.

Authorized Partner Everything DiSC a Wiley Brand

Always look for the DiSC® with the small “i” – we are an Authorized Partner Everything DiSC a Wiley Brand, formerly known as Inscape Publishing

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