DiSC Behavioral Styles – Working with the High i Personality

People with Behavioral Styles that show a primary High i Personality thrive on personal recognition.

High i Personality
So be interested in them, generous with praise . . . yet sincere. Avoid arguing with their over the top visions; get excited with them.  Influence styles are social-butterflies, so stand ready to socialize with them. An atmosphere with entertaining conversations, that are lively and stimulating, will win them over every time. Avoid bolting immediately into the tasks at hand.

When working with the High Influence Personality Style . . . help them to:

• See tasks through to completion
• Prioritize and organize their tasks
• Keep a high performance project list
• View people and tasks more objectively
• Avoid their overuse of giving and taking advice

Develop Sales and Service Strategies for working with the High i Personality

• Support their dreams and goals
• Be friendly, informal and open to topics that interest them
• Let them talk, and allow your animation and enthusiasm to show
• Summarize important details and direct them towards agreed upon objectives
• Provide them with incentives to encourage quicker decision making

When Socializing with a High i Personality

• Listen to their personal feelings and experiences, and respond openly
• Interact with them in a positive, upbeat and warm approach
• Give them your time and attention – acknowledge them publicly and privately
• Make suggestions that allow them to look good – celebrate when they succeed
• Avoid negativity or messy problem discussions – keep required follow-up minimal

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