Top Reasons to Consider DiscProfiles4U as your Everything DiSC® and Five Behaviors™ training partner.

2022 Wiley Diamond Award

Wiley has honored DiscProfiles4U with the prestigious title of Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviors Diamond Award Winner for outstanding achievement and commitment to unlocking human potential. The Diamond Award is the highest tier of recognition for Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviors Partners.

As one of the oldest Wiley Partners, DiscProfiles4U has maintained Diamond status in the top 3% for over 8 years.

  • REAL-LIFE EXPERIENCE – We have hands-on, business-based experience teaching and applying DiSC® to achieve results dating back to 1984.  We also have helped our clients interpret literally thousands of individual and group reports to help them tailor their training programs for maximum effectiveness. 

  • SPECIAL PRICING PROGRAMS – We offer fixed-cost pricing programs designed to help you manage your resources to keep your training program at or below targeted, long-term cost targets to keep your training sustainable through all business cycles.

  • HELPING YOU TRAIN IS OUR ONLY BUSINESS – 95% of our time is spent supporting you and we do facilitation on request only because we believe even the smallest organization can do its own training with our assistance.

  • WE OFFER ONLY “BEST-IN-CLASS” ASSESSMENTS – We represent only top-rated, highly validated assessment and training programs with proven results.

  • TOP “DIAMOND LEVEL” WILEY PARTNER – We’ve been a global top 3% Wiley Partner since 2015 with customers across multiple time zones and markets.

  • ZERO-COST SUPPORT –  Training in the use of your EPIC account, interpretation of reports, assisting with training program development and general Q&A cost you NOTHING.

  • WE SHARE DAILY NEW KNOWLEDGE – Our experience expands every day through the active support of coaches, trainers, and organizations with HR L&D professionals in over 20 industries in the US and over a dozen other countries.

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