DiSC® is the universal language of understanding oneself, and others and the sense of community that powers self-recognition, progress, stability, and accuracy all at the same time and for everyone’s benefit. The podcasts below are designed to offer enlightenment for a more fulfilled life for you and those you interact with.

Note to DiSC® Blue Paper Profile Users:
Choose the highest score on Graph III of your profile for the first letter and the next highest score on Graph III for the second letter. If the difference between the two segment scores is more than three (3), just use the highest score.

Podcast Basic Descriptions for each DiSC® Style

D – This style emphasizes getting immediate results, assuming authority, questioning the status quo, and seeks opportunities for individual accomplishments

Di – This style emphasizes: outspokenness, a strong need for stimulation, fast thinking/acting, overt optimism, and, desiring the power to shape their own environment to fulfill their need to be extraordinary

iD – This style emphasizes: a need for stimulation, to externalize ideas and have them acknowledged, acting and working with others, strong action, change-seeking with immediate progress and satisfaction

i – This style emphasizes: a strong need for “connection” to others, strong expression of feelings and ideas, stimulation-focused and, to feel “wanted by others”.

iS – This style emphasizes: being welcoming, easygoing, patient, and trusting, and pronounced need for collaboration and a sense of community and, acceptance.

Si – This style emphasizes: patience, stability, harmony, “connection” to others, and “giving of oneself” to maintain a sense of community

S – This style emphasizes: accommodation of people and situations, being a good listener, interpreting others in a positive light, patience, and placing the needs of others above their own

SC – This style emphasizes: being modest, soft-spoken, servicing others, a stable environment, resisting change, minimizing exposure to threats

CS – This style emphasizes: being careful, self-control, stability, even pace, aversion to risk, details, and acting so properly as to be above reproach.

C – This style emphasizes: being reserved, acting methodically, being precise, objective analysis, security/safety, and correctness.

CD – This style emphasizes: critical thinking, challenge, accuracy, objective results, logic, high standards, and control to reduce risk

DC – This style emphasizes: tough-mindedness, determination, skepticism, competency, control of self and environment, non-vulnerability