Everyone asks… What is EPIC?

EPIC is our Electronic Profile Information Center. Deliver your DiSC® Profiles… online… anywhere… any time. 

EPIC is an online profile delivery system that provides a simple way to send, customize, print, and store online assessments. As an EPIC system administrator, you have full control of administration and access to Inscape’s online profiles and follow-up reports. There are over 40 assessments available in EPIC, including DiSC® Classic 2.0 and all Everything DiSC® Profiles. EPIC-based profiles offer advantages even Inscape’s paper instruments can’t match.

EPIC is a “do-it-yourself” system for Trainers, Coaches, Consultants, and HRD Professionals. We recommend having your own EPIC Administrator Site if you have 10+ people to complete a profile.

With your own account, you can issue access codes to anyone worldwide, anytime, via the internet. Once a respondent completes the assessment, EPIC generates a personalized profile that can be used as a stand-alone piece or as part of a larger training program.



No shipping charges and no valuable time lost in class with the profile administration – responding, counting, scoring, and plotting graphs is done for you – saving time and increasing accuracy. With the profile done as pre-work, every minute of classroom time can be used to its full advantage.


Customize your site and brand your profiles with the company logo and information

You decide who can view reports and when

Monitor respondents report completion

View, print, and email reports that are completed in EPIC

Organize reports in folders: Labeled by date, department, division, etc.

Customize select reports and build group reports from stored data

Regenerate group reports easily as staff members change

Make training stick with EPIC – offer post-training reinforcement with follow-up reports

ENHANCED FEATURES: After participants have completed their individual profile reports, you can print Facilitator Group Reports and Participant Comparison Reports


How Does an EPIC Administrator Account Work?

EPIC Works on an EPIC Credit System. You purchase credits for your EPIC Account, which becomes the currency used for paying for reports in the EPIC system.

The EPIC Credit System operates very much like a postage meter. You purchase a dollar amount of postage for your meter, and it is debited a specific amount each time you send a package or letter.

Similarly, each report in the EPIC system is assigned a credit value. EPIC Credits are deducted from the supply of credits in your account when access codes are assigned to respondents/participants.

EPIC Credits can be used for ANY EPIC report, at any time. EPIC Credits do not expire. Lower your report costs by purchasing credits in quantities, receiving them into your account electronically, and “bank” them to use with ANY of the current or future EPIC profile reports.

EPIC Credits Pricing

Everything DiSC® ProfilesCredits
Productive Conflict20
Work of Leaders25
363 for Leaders50
Group Reports25
DiSC® Classic ProfilesCredits
DiSC® Classic 2.015
DiSC® 2.0 Plus25
Group Reports25

*Comparison Reports are FREE when two individuals complete any Everything DiSC® report.