DiSC Behavioral Styles – Working with the High S Personality

People with DiSC Behavioral Styles that show a primary High S Personality or Steadiness style are relationship-oriented and want warm and sincere relationships. So earn their trust by taking things slowly, support their feelings, and show sincere interest.

Talk in terms of feelings, not facts. Steadiness styles want to be assured that everyone will approve of them and their decisions. They don’t want to ruffle feathers, and it is not wise to back a Steadiness style into a corner. They will not respond favorably to force. You will be much more effective using warmth, sincerity and non-threatening approaches to gain their cooperation.

The High S Personality – At Work… Help Them To:

• Avoid doing things the same way every-time
• Realize there is more than one approach to tasks
• Become more open to change and taking some risks
• Recognize shortcuts to avoid unnecessary steps
• Be more assertive – speak up and voice their thoughts and feelings

The High S Personality – in Strategies for Sales and Service

• Approach them at a slower pace and develop trust, friendship and credibility
• Identify their emotional needs as well as their task or business expectations
• Focusing on the human element … how something affects them personally
• Avoid rushing them and give them personal, concrete assurances, when appropriate
• Communicate with them in a consistent manner on a regular basis

The High S Personality – in Social Settings

• Focus on a slower-paced, pleasant and steady approach
• Respond sensitively and sensibly – avoid arguments and conflict
• Acknowledge them privately with sincere and believable compliments
• Show them step-by-step procedures and allow them to follow through on tasks
• Behave optimistically and offer them stability and a minimal amount of change

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