DiSC Classic Profile – Promoter Pattern (6 of 16)

DiSC Classic Profile – Influence Family – “Promoter Pattern” – Pure i Style

The Promoter Pattern is the first of four in the Influence family, and is a “Pure” primary I style.  A “Pure” style has only one plotting point above the mid-line.   That means that the pure style is not affected significantly by other style influences – what you see is what you get.

Persons with the Promoter DiSC Classic Profile pattern are generally social, gregarious and cast a large net to include friends and colleagues.  They are good at maintaining contact with their network. They are verbal and are generous with creating support for others projects.   Their large network provides great resources for support of their projects.

Promoters are more interested in interaction, and less interested in accomplishments. They thrive at social events, and are expressive in meetings, committees and conferences.

Promoters are persuasive and enthusiastic; they tend to perceive others in a favorable light without researching all facts.   Time management presents a challenge for Promoters. Limits sometimes need to be set for them regarding socializing on the job.  You will notice the following characteristics of the Pure Influence Style from the DiSC Profile.  

Observable Behaviors Open and accepting of others
Motivated By Social acceptance and popularity
Judges Others By Verbal skills and persuasive abilities
Influences Others By Verbal approval, appreciation, praise, favors
Value to the Team Brings levity, relieves tension, promotes people and taskx
Overuses Enthusiasm, praise and optimism
When Stressed Tends to be disorganized, careless and scattered
Fears Social Rejection and loss of self-worth

DiSC Classic Profile – Opportunities for Increased Effectiveness with Tasks and People:

The Pure Influence Style tends to live in the moment. They have a lot of energy and like to talk…a lot.  This tendency calls for the ability to focus on details, think things through, plan, organize, follow through, and complete one task before starting another. Recognize the importance of following established procedures and develop ability to work independently. Consider all facts before making decisions. Interpersonal relationships will improve if one controls emotions, and appears more interested in what others have to say.

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