DiSC Profile – Introduces Adaptive Testing

Adaptive Testing methods have been introduced to the Everything DiSC Profile.

What is Adaptive Testing?

This advanced technology uses a new computerized scoring algorithm that adapts each question to how the respondent answered previous questions.   It’s possible that you have already experienced Adaptive Testing (AT) as it is used in a variety of academic standardized tests.

Adaptive Testing Graph - DiSC Profile

Why did Inscape Publishing introduce Adaptive Testing?
It is the policy of Inscape Publishing, the publishers of Everything DiSC Profile, to provide the most precise and reliable DiSC Instruments on the market.

Inscape Publishing has found that AT testing showed

    • 35 percent improvement in the reliability scale for inconsistent responses.
    • 12 percent increase in accuracy over the original 79-item assessment.
    • 32 percent increase in accuracy over DiSC Classic.

What does DiSC Profile Adaptive Testing mean for you?

For Everything DiSC Profile users, this new scoring method will provide participants the most precise DiSC Profile results possible with improved reporting and feedback.  Look for:

  • Precision – More targeted questions, provide greater accuracy.
  • Consistency – Respondent answers will provide scale by scale consistency.
  • More Personalized and specific feedback as a result of greater precision.

DiSC Classic 2.0 will not be upgraded to adaptive testing, so now is a good time to upgrade to Everything DiSC Profiles for the most  precise and reliable report available.

For detailed information download the Everything DiSC Research Report – AT

Everything DiSC Information and FAQs – AT (1) 

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