Everything DiSC Work of Leaders – Virtual Showcase – Webinar

The New Everything DiSC Work of Leaders – the latest DiSC Profile from Inscape Publishing.

And now you can learn more about Everything DiSC Work of Leaders in a Webinar from the comfort of your own office.   Please contact me to schedule your DiSC Profile webinar.  The next scheduled date is:

  • April 10, 2012  from  3:00 pm – 4:30 pm CST

This leadership profile is built around the pillars of Vision, Alignment, and Execution: This Virtual Showcases will give you real first-hand experience with an exciting new DiSC Profile.

You’ll begin by taking the DiSC Profile as pre-work, then you’ll join a 90 minute webinar hosted by Inscape on my behalf.  You’ll get an overview of the profile, training materials, and video.  This is a great way to save travel time and learn more about Work of Leaders!

Seats are somewhat limited, so contact me to register for the Webinar today!

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders – Stand Alone or For Groups

You can use this product as a stand-alone profile for someone leading a group or organization. There are topic-specific report that breaks down the work that leaders do into simole, actionable components. The focus is placed on tangible steps to help lead a group or an organization toward the desired outcome. The report is just over 20 pages long.

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders is Easily Customizable

Online tailoring make it easy for you to remove or to rearrange the pages, customize the title, or print just selected sections. This profile can be used on its own or in conjunction with the companion facilitation.  Which is sold separately

Follow-Up Activities for Everything DiSC Work of Leaders

The Everything DiSC Comparison Reports are convenient follow-up reports for any two participants to evaluate their illustrated similarities and differences. The research-validated Everything DiSC Comparison Report will help to build better relationships and makes your training stick. And your participants will get unlimited access with no additional cost.

Learn more about DiSC Profiles


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