Halloween Trick-or-Treating with Your DiSC Behavioral Style

Do people choose Halloween Costumes and Trick-or-Treat according to their DiSC Behavioral Style?

We think they do!  If you plan to open your home for Tricksters this year, check out how different DiSC Behavioral Styles might appear at your door.

Halloween-DiSC-Behavioral-StyleDominant Trick-or-Treater – get the “mostest” candy fast!
This fast acting Dominant style will try to cover the most territory and get as much as they can, in as short a time as possible.  They will be competitive and push for results.  Their costume of choice might be an action figure or an animal costume that will cause a reaction – scary or otherwise.

Influencing Trick-or-Treater – “The Halloween Funster”
It’s party time . . .  carving pumpkins and decorating with siblings and friends – laughter abounds.  They bring smiles as they dress up cute.  Their costume of choice might be an animated cartoon character, or a cheerleader – colorful and bright with lots of accessories and a fun bag for collecting their goodies.

Steady Trick-or-Treater – “Let’s plan our route”
Their natural gift of planning will be to map out the homes they plan to visit.  Connection is their game – they want to visit people they know and feel safe with.  They love tradition, and will have a plan for sharing and eating their stash.  Their costume of choice might be cuddly and soft animal, or have a theme or some meaningful connection.

Conscientious Trick-or-Treater – “Perfection or not at all”
Their conscientious nature will give considerable thought to whether to go trick-or-treating or not.  If they go they will spend time considering the perfect costume and the perfect evening.  They may view the whole activity as silly and for younger children.  If they participate, their costume of choice will likely be a classic – making a sharp and bold statement like a vampire or black cat.

Tell us about your favorite Halloween experiences!
Do you think people Trick-or-Treat true to their DiSC Behavioral Style?  Share your comments.

And give yourself a special treat.  Learn about your style by taking an Everything DiSC Workplace Profile – it’s a good tool for bringing out the best in ghouls and goblins in your workplace or home.



One thought on “Halloween Trick-or-Treating with Your DiSC Behavioral Style

  1. I agree – DiSC behavioural styles play out in Trick-or-Treating! Being a “S” myself – your quick description describes me to a tee. This year was my first Halloween with my newborn, although he will have no real memories of the day, I was sure to get him into a costume (a cuddly monkey), carve a pumpkin with grandpa and snap lots of photos to share with him down the road. My goal was to start a tradition as a family …

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