Is Your DiSC Profile Personality Style and Facebook Style the Same?

Your DiSC Profile personality style is likely to match your Facebook Personality Style.  A recent study’s finding is in contrast to popular opinion in recent years that people use Facebook to build an edited, friendlier, more interesting view of themselves.

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The study was published in the journal ‘Cyber Psychology, Behavior, and Social Networking’ from the Department of Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin, titled “Manifestations of Personality in Online Social Networks: Self-Reported Facebook Related Behaviors and Observable Profile

Utilizing personality styles from popular psychology and similar to those used in DiSC the report finds that extroverted and introverted people’s personality styles on Facebook  are similar in manners that are to be expected of their personality style, with extroverted behavior styles engaging more on Facebook than introverted people do.

This may seem like an obvious correlation, but the results of this study makes the case for this view stronger, and it brings up interesting questions about online personalities.   Is your Facebook personality profile an accurate representation of you?  And then ask yourself if it’s similar to your DiSC Profile?  

It’s even more complicated when you think of personality, behavioral identity and the ‘real’ you.  Don’t view Facebook  as an online record but as an active place where your personality style fits in with how you behave in the ‘real’ world. The real you is subjective at any rate since defining your identity is impossible to do.

The participants of this study were university students who most likely grew up with social networks forming a part of their teen years, so perhaps a correlation between online and offline behavior style or DiSC Profile personality style is so close because young people are comfortable with an online identity and see it as a way of expressing themselves daily.

In the study, they also looked at what you can learn from real life or off line DiSC Profile personality styles by the information on their Facebook page, which is what many do when looking at a new friend’s profile the first time. We look at what they’re like in photos, if they common interests, what sense of humor they have, and then we judge whether this personality style could be a future ‘real-life’ friend.

Share your comment below…  Do you think a person’s Facebook  personality profile is an accurate representation of their true personality or DiSC Profile?   Do you judge whether or not a Facebook friend could become a friend in real-life?

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