The DiSC Assessment Test is for Building Bridges at Work

Tools like the DiSC Assessment can help work teams to build bridges.

Remember:  If it is to be . . . it’s up to me!

DiSC Assessment Test
And the DiSC Assessment can help build bridges to friendship.

Having a best friend at work is one of the twelve key questions that is predictive of job satisfaction.  The Gallup organization studies indicators of work satisfaction and highlighted this in their book First, Break all the Rules, by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman.

They tell of a manager from within a large company that employed several hundred people, earned a reputation for not playing well with others.   This manager collected information and used it to employ fault finding and blaming techniques to make other employees look bad.  She was famous for identifying problems, but she rarely has suggestions for solutions.

She continuously begged for a more prestigious title, and more financial rewards, so she could feel superior and tell others what to do.   Finally, when she announced that she was job hunting, not a single co-worker regretted her decision.  She not only burned her bridges behind her, but she burned the bridges in front of her.

The DiSC Assessment Test can be a key tool to assist managers and work team members to developing key work relationships, and building bridges to success.

You can use the the Everything DiSC Management profile which is a 26-page report with management-specific topics to help all managers, or anyone aspiring to, or who is in a management or supervisory role.  It can be used as a stand-alone coaching report, or within the context of a class room seminar.  There are 5 modules in this DiSC Assessment tool, and a featured section devoted to working with your own manager.

The Focus

  • Your Management Style
  • Directing and Delegating
  • Motivation
  • Developing Others
  • Working With Your Manager

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