What is the Work of Leaders – DiSC Personality Test

What can the Work of Leaders – DiSC Personality Test do to help your organization to develop great leaders?   

  • What is a Leadership Style?
  • What are Leadership secrets?
  • Is Leadership nature or nurture?
  • Where can Leadership be learned?

Work of Leaders
The Work of Leaders – DiSC Personality Test suggests that leadership skills are a combination of natural style, and skills learned through life and work experience.   Work experience, seminars and mentors contribute to a person’s leadership skill set; and perhaps some skills have existed from birth.

Some people and organizations use the terms leadership management and supervision interchangeably.   While the terms differ, some individuals may have the skill to provide all three.

Let’s start first with some definitions:

  • Supervision:  Refers to an individual charged with providing direction and oversight for other employees.
  • Management:   Conducts the affairs of business; maintains control, handles problems, and provides direction and guides employees to organize and administer work processes.  Simply put, managers provide everything employees need to accomplish their tasks.

Warren Bennis, Ph.D. in On Becoming a Leader distinguishes management from leadership.  He says that:
“Managers are people who do things right, while leaders are people who do the right thing.”

A key leadership quality involves the decision to become a leader.  Leaders decide at some point in time that they want to direct the course of events and inspire others to succeed.

You can build more effective Leaders by using the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders DiSC Personality Test.

This is the newest DiSC Personality Test and is used to help people to discover their natural leadership style, and to learn a simple three step process for approaching the three primary functions of leaders.

  1. Creating a Vision
  2. Building Alignment
  3. Champion Execution

Leadership requires that individuals take charge.  When deciding, or choosing to become a leader in a community, or in the workplace, learning how to create a vision, build alignment and champion execution will help you team to formulate the right mix of skills.

Be a successful leader by choosing to learn with the Work of Leaders DiSC Personality Test!

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