Which DiSC Profile Best Fits Your Training Needs?

The DiSC Profile has evolved over time.  The original DiSC Classic profile has stood the test of time for 30 years, and still offers great value.

The newest development from Inscape Publishing are Everything DiSC Profiles and Training Materials.   Using the 30 years of experience and insight from delivering millions of profiles to people across the world, this new family of assessments was developed using the latest research and technology.  And Everything DiSC Facilitator Kits make training a breeze.

DiSC Training Certification is NOT REQUIRED, but it is available for those who want the added credibility of Inscape training!

Compare both models below to see which best fits your needs.

Everything DiSC
The new Circular Graph
DiSC Circular Model 

DiSC Classic
The Original DiSC Graph

Choose from Topic Specific Profiles: 

Uses a 79 item rating scale, and is scored 8 scales and plotted on a circular graph.

Profiles use electronic scoring, and are immediately available to view/print or save.

It takes 12-15 minutes to respond to online profiles.

The following Everything DiSC Facilitator Reports and comparison reports are available.

  • Facilitator Group Report
  • Culture Report
  • FREE Team View
  • Comparison Reports available
You can complete an assessment of a group of co-workers, or compare individuals within the work force.

Everything DiSC is your best choice if you are interested in specific training topics, such as team building, sales, management or leadership.

Everything DiSC can be customized to fit with your training titles and graphics.



See more about:

DiSC Training Certification
Which Profile to use

Here are the most popular profiles:

Everything DiSC Workplace (online)
Everything DiSC Sales
Everything DiSC Management (online)
Everything DiSC Work of Leaders (online)
Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders (online)
DiSC Classic 2.0 Profile (online)


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Choose from:

Uses a 28 item forced choice questionnaire and is scored on 4 scales and is plotted on the traditional graph.

Classic 2.0 is scored electronically and is immediately available to view/print/or save.

Classic 2.0 Online Profiles take 10-12 minutes to respond online.

Classic Facilitator Reports are available with only with Classic 2.0 online.

  • Facilitator Group Report
  • Culture Report
  • Free Team View
  • No Comparison reports withDiSC Classic

DiSC Classic Paper (The Original)

Takes 10-15 minutes to respond. Uses manual scoring.

There are no facilitator reports for Classic Paper Profiles.

DiSC Classic Paper is your best choice
if price is a consideration.  It will continue to be available.  If you have had success with it, no need to change.

Or if participants have no internet access, paper profiles will be your best alternative.



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