Millions of DiSC® Classic profiles from the DiSC® Profile family of products have been delivered to people across the world.

The newly developed Everything DiSC® Profile family of products was designed to improve on DiSC® Classic version, and to help people better understand their work relationships.   The topic specific Everything DiSC® Profiles are:

DiSC® Circular ModelEverything DiSC® Work of Leaders
Everything DiSC® Management
Everything DiSC® Sales
Everything DiSC® Workplace
Everything DiSC® 363 for Leaders

Everything DiSC® uses a circular profile, which allows for greater accuracy and offers user-friendly training support.  Each product contains topic specific DiSC® Profiles profiles and training materials that are in-depth and yet, easily customizable.

This new family of DiSC® Assessments was developed, using the latest research and newest electronic technology, to present the most user-friendly representation of DiSC® Profiles available anywhere.

If you are new to using DiSC® Profiles, or even if you are a seasoned user, we encourage you to try the new Everything DiSC® Profile line of products. The comparison below will help clarify the differences between Everything DiSC® Profiles and DiSC® Classic Profiles.

Everything DiSC® Profile Tests

 DiSC® Classic Profile Tests

DiSC® Circular Model
  • New research based DiSC® Profile Test
  • 79-item rated choice questions
  • Profile results are plotted on a circle
  • Takes 12-15 minutes to respond online
  • All ED Profiles are online only
  • Profiles are scored electronically
  • Get immediate results
  • Original 1928 Research By Marston
  • 28-responses forced choice questions
  • Profile Results are plotted on a Graph
  • Takes 10 minutes to respond to paper or online
  • Online Profiles are scored electronically
  • Paper Profiles are scored manually – 10-15 min.
  • Get immediate results

Everything DiSC® Profiles:

DiSC® Classic Profiles

  • Workplace – for anyone in the workplace
  • Management – for aspiring Managers
  • Sales – Connect better with customers
  • Work of Leaders – Create a Vision, Build Alignment, Champion Execution
  • 353 for Leaders (360 Feedback tool)
  • DiSC® Classic 2.0 Online
  • DiSC® Classic 2 PLUS
  • DiSC® Paper

Everything DiSC® Facilitator Reports

  • Facilitator Group Report – lists names
  • DiSC® Culture Report – no names included
  • FREE Team View – 12 graphs per page
  • FREE Person to Person Comparison Reports


The Everything DiSC® Profiles Everything DiSC® Profiles are simpler to use, are based on current research, more valid, and yield more consistent interpretation.

Participants respond online prior to training. You distribute reports to participants at your convenience.

Everything DiSC® Facilitator Kits include trainer scripts, handouts and video embedded into the PowerPoints. All on a USB.

Research reports for DiSC® Products

DiSC® Classic Facilitator Reports

  • DiSC® Facilitator Group Report – lists names
  • DiSC® Culture Report – no names included
  • FREE Team View – 12 graphs per page
  • No comparison reports with DiSC® Classic


For over 36 years, DiSC® Classic has proved valid, reliable, and useful for many applications. It will continue to be available for your use

If your training schedule is tight – save valuable classroom time by using DiSC® Classic 2.0 online.

The DiSC® Classic Facilitation System, contains 13 scripted training modules, with handouts, video & PowerPoints. Designed for you to create your own customized training modules. All on a USB.

IF Price is of concern, DiSC® Classic Paper is the least expensive of the DiSC® Profiles. However, it does not include the latest technology and depth of feedback that is available with the Everything DiSC® Profile Tests Online.

IF respondents of this assessment lack computer access, DiSC® Classic Paper Version is your choice

EPIC Delivers all DiSC® Profiles Online:
EPIC, or Electronic Profile Information Center, is an easy online system which allows you to send access codes for printing and distributing web-based assessments.

Learn More > ABOUT EPIC.