DiSC Behavioral Styles and Generation Y Workers

DiSC Behavioral Styles are timeless, helping managers understand Generation Y workers and their perspectives.

Millennial Branding, a Generation Y (Gen Y) research and consulting firm has announced results from a groundbreaking study entitled, “Gen Y Workplace Expectations”.  The study tells us that Gen Y workers have a largely positive view of their managers.  They believe that their managers can offer experience (59%), wisdom (41%), and a willingness to mentor (33%).

Managers on the other hand, have a negative view of Gen Y employees. They feel that Millennials have unrealistic compensation expectations (51%), a poor work ethic (47%), and are easily distracted (46%).

So, how can a Gen Y’er overcome the negative perceptions in the minds of their esteemed superiors and ultimately “StandOut” and get ahead?

Marcus Buckingham, author of Now, Discover Your Strengths, and StandOut self-assessments, says, “Generation Y will come to dominate the workforce, but they are entering it at a particularly difficult time.  While they are often–and rightfully–considered to have a pioneering, we-can-change-the-world outlook, they are also a more delicate cohort than the stereotypes might suggest.  We all know that members of Gen Y are accustomed to constant, immediate feedback.  Forget annual reviews; they want weekly or daily check-ins with their supervisors.  And we know they’re used to that feedback being overwhelmingly positive.  They are accustomed to being praised for their uniqueness  “helicopter parents.”  The result is a challenging set of expectations”

Gen Y and Conflict in the Workplace:

In today’s workplace, it’s not uncommon to find people from four different generations, and four different DiSC Behavioral Styles; each exhibiting their own needs, wants, and communication styles.  Each behavioral style, and each generation has developed their own preferences and priorities on how work should be done.  By understanding these preferences and priorities, you will be in a better position to build positive relationships with people who can advance your career.

Some of the biggest conflicts between Gen Y and the other generations show up in the workplace.  Gen Y largely rejects the attitudes of Gen X and the Baby Boomers.  What’s important is for managers to realize that not making the effort to understand other styles and generations can lead to conflicts at work that can hurt your career.

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