The DiSC Profile helps you handle difficult people

Handling difficult people can be easy with insight about their DiSC Profile

Life becomes unpleasant when you clash with difficult people.  And we all have difficult people to deal with in life.

Handling Difficult People with the DiSC ProfileThe DiSC Profile demonstrates that all personalities can become difficult when their natural behaviors are overused or taken to the extreme.  A person’s very strength can becomes a limitation.  Different DiSC Profile personalities can show up as overly competitive, curmudgeons, control freaks, passive aggressive and just generally difficult people.  So the question becomes, what will be your approach for dealing with difficult people?

In spite of all the books and research on solving people problems, there are still only three ways relationship problems can be solved.   Here they are:

  • You can change the situation
  • You change the other person
  • You can change yourself

Then, the question becomes, which solution is usually the best?   And which is most difficult – and why?

Consider each of the three strategies:

1.  Change the situation:

Many people try this option by quitting a job, and attempting to find a new one; or seeking a divorce and finding a new partner.   Changing the situation is likely the least mature choice.  And besides, wherever you go, there you are.

2.  Change the other person:

Difficult people aren’t going to change just to make you feel better.  Remember, that no one changes unless they want to; and difficult people seldom want to.

3.  Change Yourself:

It has been said that changing the situation is not very practical, and changing the other person is really impossible.   So that leaves us with the challenge of changing oneself.

Social life depends of getting along with one another.   You can learn to adapt or modify your behaviors and your perceptions.

One way of adapting is to practice the 3-A’s of relationship management.

  • Acknowledge Individual Differences
  • Accept Individual Differences
  • Appreciate Individual Differences.

Using the DiSC Profile is the premier way of understanding the preferences and priorities of others as well as their motivations and their stressors.

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