Which DiSC Personality Style are You?

What if people had their
DiSC Personality Style written all over them?  

Well, they do!

People can express all four DiSC Personality Styles at one time or another, but they generally express only one of them as a primary style.

Take a look at the pictures and table below…

Can you can figure out which DiSC Personality Style you generally express?DiSC PersonalityDiSC Personality Test
If you’re having a hard time identifying your own DiSC Personality Style or if you’re really stumped about the style of a co-worker or a loved one, you can use a few simple  people reading skills shown below.  People Reading is an effective tool that helps you understand what peoples need.  It is not intended to label people.

People Reading can help you recognize the four DiSC Personality Styles.

People are always revealing their style – they have their needs written all over them. And remember, every person is a blend of each of the four styles; all styles have strengths and limitations, and there are no bad styles.

1.   Observe the persons actual behavior . . .

  • Body language  – posture, use of hands, facial expressions
  • Tone of voice and expression – pace, inflection and volume
  • Choice of words used to deliver the actual message

2.  Ask yourself these two questions . . . 

  1. Is this person fast-paced & outspoken or cautious and reflective
  2. Is this person Questioning and Skeptical or Accepting and Warm?






Now, use the graphic below to combine the tendencies and determine the most likely DiSC Personality Style.                                                                                                                                         

DiSC Personality Styles

Fast Paced and Outspoken; Questioning and Skeptical = D or Dominant Style

Fast Paced and Outspoken; Accepting and Warm = i or Influence Style

Cautious and Reflective; Accepting and Warm = S or Steadiness Style

Cautious and, Reflective, Questioning and Skeptical = C or Conscientiousness Style

You are the authority on you. Your style validation can only come from you.   A DiSC Workplace Profile can help you find that validation.


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