Unhappy worker

Feeling burned out? Need a new challenge? Tired of the same old thing? Many employees in this position look for a new job or opportunity, usually outside their current employer. But what if you put your energy into creating your current job into your dream job?  Here are a few things to try to switch things up.

Understanding Your DiSC Personality Type

Are you a people person who craves social interactions at work but spends many hours behind a desk? Or do you like being at the forefront of your organization but you have found yourself in a role where you have become redundant? Having a good understanding of your DiSC personality type can help you play to your strengths, which will help promote happiness in your job. Based on your DiSC style, you can take on tasks and projects that align with your personality type, which will bring you more joy in your job.

This DiSC assessment tool will help you understand your personality type

Take Control of Your Workspace

Are you wondering how your workspace arrangement impacts job happiness?

A study by Dr. Craig Knight as part of his PhD thesis showed that there is a 32% increase in productivity when employees are allowed to design or personalize their work space. 

“When people feel uncomfortable in their surroundings, they are less engaged — not only with the space but also with what they do in it. If they can have some control, that all changes and people report being happier at work, identifying more with their employer, and are more efficient when doing their jobs.”

How Your DiSC Personality Style Shapes Workspace Layouts

When you have control over your office space, the layout will typically reflect your DiSC personality Style:

The D-personality type is task-oriented, so their workspace will likely be set up in a way that makes it easier for them to complete their daily tasks on time. There won’t be a lot of clutter, and all the necessary tools will be close at hand. There probably aren’t many personal items except for those that highlight their accomplishments, such as awards and certificates.

The i-personality sets up their workspace in a way that is welcoming. They don’t care much about organization or structure. Their workspace frequently contains photos of loved ones, drawings and art that highlight their creativity. Their workspace may seem cluttered, which may make them appear disorganized to people with other personality types.

The S-personality workspace will be designed to feel like an extension of their home. This is due to their value for family and social connections. You will find personal touches such as plants and portraits, and perhaps even a welcome sign!

A C-personality is meticulously organized. You will notice that their space is clutter-free since they find it challenging to perform in an unorganized environment. They don’t keep a lot of things on their desk or work area, and files and work projects are clearly labels and stored in an organized manner.

So, what’s your DiSC personality style? You can find out more about your DiSC profile here. Consider altering your workspace if it does not already represent your DiSC style because it will affect how at ease and inspired you feel there.

Make the Most of the Parts You Enjoy

Viktor Frankl, author of “Man’s Search for Meaning,” advises that one can make the best of a difficult situation by using it to their advantage. Frankl found meaning in his life as a prisoner, and was able to cope with the harrowing experiences he had.

Focusing on aspects of your job that have benefited your life in some way can help you feel motivated about the work you do. Think of something the job has contributed to your life. Is it money, transferable skills, beautiful relationships, exposure, etc.? How can those parts enrich your life more?

Every Day, Make Time To Do Something You Enjoy

Mayo Clinic research revealed that physicians who spend 20% of their time doing what they love dramatically reduces the risk of feeling burned out. Spending time doing something you love every day, like pursuing something related to your purpose or passion, can cancel out the unhappy feelings you have and make you look forward to going to work every day. You will become happier because your fulfillment needs are being met. Do you love gardening, cooking, singing or writing? Whatever it is, try to spend time doing it.

Align Your Job with Purpose

Aligning your job with your purpose can help you derive meaning from the work you do. See your job as a platform to fulfill your purpose. How? Jane Egerton Idehen, Head of Sales for the Middle East and Africa at Meta suggests “Start by bringing parts of your authentic self to work. Your love to help the poor, your passion for using sports to influence younger people, your gift as expressed in fashion or mentoring, etc. Be available when opportunities come up during your career to bring your purpose to work.”

Interacting With Colleagues

Positive workplace relationships impact job happiness. Developing connections at your workplace not only grows your career but also helps your well-being thrive. If you feel lonely, put in the effort to increase interaction with your co-workers. Some ways to connect include finding common ground or interest, giving compliments, and being emotionally intelligent.

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