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EPIC Credits Required

Everything DiSC Profiles


Workplace- 15
Productive Conflict- 20
Management- 25
Sales- 25
Work of Leaders- 25
363 for Leaders- 50
Group Reports- 25

Comparison Reports are FREE when two individuals complete any Everything DiSC report.

DiSC Classic Profiles

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DiSC Classic 2.0- 15
DiSC 2.0 Plus- 25
Group Reports- 25

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Everything DiSC Workplace

DiSC Classic 2.0

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EPIC Credits do not expire.

Determine the number of credits you will need:

Decide which profile you will use and the number of credits required per profile. The # of credit X the number of people to be profiled = total number of credits needed. Remember to add 25 credits to print your Group Report.

Order EPIC Credits

EPIC credits
are the currency used for paying for reports in the EPIC system.

The EPIC Credit System operates very much like a postage meter. You purchase a dollar amount of postage for your meter and it is debited a specific amount each time you send a package or letter.

Similarly, each report in the EPIC system is assigned a credit value. EPIC Credits are deducted from the supply of credits in your account when access codes are assigned.

Simply select which profile you wish to use, x the number of people to be profiled = the number of credits you will need. Remember to include 25 extra credits to print a Facilitator Group Report. EPIC Credits never expire.