Classic DiSC® Paper Assessments

For more than three decades, organizations worldwide have utilized the DiSC® Classic Personal Profile System® 2800, the first paper-based DiSC® profile that was manually scored. This flagship tool aids individuals in enhancing their communication skills and minimizing conflicts.

Blue Book Paper Assessments

Classic paper assessments come as “The blue booklet “, which comprises a 28-item assessment that utilizes a forced-choice format and includes a self-scoring mechanism. It also provides an interpretation of the results. To reveal the scoring outcomes, participants will require a writing instrument and a coin or another tool.

The DiSC® Classic is a useful tool for employees at every level as it enables them to:

  • Comprehend their own behavior
  • Learn when and how to adapt their conduct
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Foster appreciation of differences
  • Boost individual and team performance
  • Mitigate conflicts

This profile is frequently utilized when participants encounter difficulties accessing a computer. Unfortunately, at this time, Spanish paper DiSC® assessments are no longer available. We only carry the following:

DiSC® Classic Blue Paper Profile