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EPIC Delivers DiSC Profiles Electronically

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EPIC allows you to manage large quantities of profiles online and gain access to all of Inscape's Online Profiles and FREE Comparison Reports

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Everything DiSC Workplace Info


For Improving the quality of relationships in the workplace

Workplace Training Applications

Interpersonal Skills, Conflict Resolution, Team Building, Career Development

Everything DiSC Workplace Profiles can be used for ANYONE on a workplace team, regardless of title or role, ultimately improving the quality of the workplace. With Everything DiSC Workplace®, your employees will gain valuable insights about themselves AND others, discovering actionable ways to build more effective relationships with one another.

Use the profile as a stand-alone report, or as pre-work within the context of a classroom training seminar to develop people skills at work. This learning and development training uses a research-validated learning model and combines engaging facilitation with powerful follow-up tools to create a personalized experience for every participant.  The Facilitator Kit (on USB Drive) provides everything you need to facilitate an engaging learning experience.   

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The Everything DiSC Workplace Profile


Everything DiSC Workplace Profiles can be used for ANYONE in the workplace, regardless of title or role. Use as a stand-alone report, or within the context of a classroom seminar.

A 20-page topic-specific report that helps people explore workplace priorities that drive their own behavior and that of co-workers. Included are strategies for creating effective relationships with people of differing styles.


  • Discover Your DiSC Style
  • Understand Other Styles
  • Build More Effective Relationships
  • Optional People-Reading Module

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Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitator Kit

The Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitator Kit provides everything you need for DiSC Workplace classroom training. Each participant completes The DiSC Workplace Online Profile, in advance as pre-work.


Included in the kit are: Three-90 minute training modules; fully scripted leader’s guide, participant handouts, Powerpoints with embedded video – everything you need to facilitate DiSC Workplace – all on a USB Port.

Sample Facilitator Reports

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facilitator-report.jpggroup-culture-report.jpgEverything DiSC Facilitator Group Report

A composite of your group's DiSC Styles – includes names and styles

Everything DiSC Group Culture Report

Explores the group DiSC culture and its effect on work productivity


Sample Free Comparison Reports


For use with managers and direct reports; individuals in conflict; new hires or work partnerships - a powerful tool for creating more satisfying and productive work relationships.

Person A to Person B Comparison Report

Person B to Person A Comparison Report


Everything DiSC Workplace Style Guides

Workplace Style Guides are a job aid for your desktop or workplace environment. They are intended to be used as follow-up support the DiSC Workplace training.

Participants indicate their style on a map, and list ways they prefer to be communicated with.

The map can then be displayed in their workplace environment, to encourage more effective, productive working relationships.

The Guides are sold separately in sets of 25.

Everything DiSC Workplace Interaction Guides are job aids for your wallet or briefcase. Features the DiSC Workplace Map and includes tips for working with each style. These maps can be used as a reminder to identify a coworker's style needs before communicating with them.
Color images on high-quality, durable paper.

All Everything DiSC Products are delivered via EPIC: Electronic Profile Information Center

epic.jpgEPIC, or Electronic Profile Information Center, is an online system which offers you an easier and more cost-effective method for purchasing, distributing, and reporting of Inscape's web-based assessments.

For more information about EPIC, see the About EPIC page. Save $$ by having your own EPIC Administrator Account