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EPIC Delivers DiSC Profiles Electronically

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EPIC allows you to manage large quantities of profiles online and gain access to all of Inscape's Online Profiles and FREE Comparison Reports

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Personal Listening Profile

...Listening is your "Response-Ability"

Listening Training Applications:

Team Building, Customer Service Training, Conflict Resolution, Coaching

The Personal Listening Profile® helps people discover their most natural approach to listening while gaining insight into the different listening approaches of others.

Participants learn when and how to adopt another listening approach for more successful communication.

The report identifies your personalized strengths and growth areas – and provides you with suggestions for improvement.

Communication Gap Analysis (available only in the EPIC online version)

At-a-glance – The Listening Communication Gap Analysis shows your listening strengths and weaknesses – relative to the intended message of a speaker.

The action-planning section encourages you to reflect on your listening style and to develop strategies for improvement.

Personal Listening Profile - Online or Paper

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Personal Listening Profile Online - (online version)

Personal Listening Group Facilitator Report (only with Online Version)

Personal Listening Profile® Research Report

All of Inscape's Online Profiles are delivered via EPIC: Electronic Profile Information Center

epic.jpgEPIC, or Electronic Profile Information Center, is an online system which offers you an easier and more cost-effective method for purchasing, distributing, and reporting of Inscape's web-based assessments. For more information about EPIC, see the About EPIC page.