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What is DiSC

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DiSC Profile is the leading personal assessment tool used worldwide.

Over 40 million people have benefited from using the DiSC Profile.

The DiSC Profile Test or DiSC Personality Test is a personal assessment tool designed to help you increase your self-knowledge, and to provide information for understanding others. When you respond to a DiSC Profile Assessment, you complete a series of questions that are then produced into a detailed DiSC Profile Report, describing your personality and DiSC Behavioral Style.

A DiSC Profile helps people create an environment where individuals can discuss their behavioral differences and priorities, and build better relationships. The DiSC Profile is not a test that you can pass or fail. A DiSC Profile is non-judgmental, and there are no bad profile results.

DiSC Profiles help to improve communication, build teams and improve productivity

DiSC Profile Tests identify and graphically present an individual’s naturally occurring behavioral style. Each individual has developed distinct ways of thinking, feeling and acting, which is expressed through their behaviors. Individual DiSC Behavioral Styles are expressed across four behavioral dimensions:

● Dominance ● Influence ● Steadiness ● Conscientiousness.

Dominance Styles . . . seek to shape the environment and accomplish results by overcoming opposition.
Influence Styles . . . prefer to use persuasion and influence to shape their environment.
Steadiness Styles . . . prefer to work within existing circumstances, and choose to cooperate with others
Conscientiousness Styles . . . ensure quality and accuracy by working within existing circumstances

The benefits of DiSC Profiles are recognized world-wide:
Fortune 500 companies, small non-profits, government agencies, educational institutions, and churches all find DiSC an effective, easy to understand tool.

DiSC Classic Profiles – A plan to understand yourself and others:

The original DiSC Classic Profile was developed in the 60’s, by Dr. John Geier, at the University of Minnesota. Of all the available DiSC Profile products, the original DiSC Classic Profile identifies 15 DiSC Classical Patterns; each representing the central core of each style.

Everything DiSC Profiles:

Demands of the workplace often require a different behavioral response, which requires an individual to adapt their style to meet the situations within the environment - this tends to evolve into a work behavioral style.

As workplace demands evolved, DiSC Profile products evolved. The Everything DiSC Profile family of products were developed to address topic specific behaviours needed for a more successful workplace; topics such as:

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders

Everything DiSC Workplace

Everything DiSC Sales

Everything DiSC Management

Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders

Each topic specific profile and seminar enables you to learn about individual differences, and how different people approach their work environment. The Everything DiSC family of profiles is built on the circular model, and offer great value in creating maximum productivity and harmony in the workplace.

Toward a More Successful Workplace:

Research supports that the most effective people know themselves, understand the demands of their environment, and are able to adapt strategies to meet the needs of that situation.

In summary, DiSC Tests help to identify your work behavioural style; foster an appreciation of all DiSC Behavioral Styles, and create motivational environments that are conducive to success.

Always look for DiSC Profile products with a small “i” to be sure you're getting the original Inscape Publishing line of products. While there are other DiSC Profiles on the market, Inscape Publishing has established the most validated and reliable DiSC Profile Tests available.

By Using DiSC Profiles you will . . .

  • Develop an understanding of self and others
  • Recognize, value and honor behavioral diversity
  • Understand the priorities of each style
  • Learn what motivates each style
  • Learn what causes stress for each style
  • Learn to flex and adapt your style to improve all relationships
  • Minimize team conflict and foster better teamwork
  • Communicate more effectively with all people - personally and professionally
  • Manage more effectively
  • Sell and serve more effectively
  • Lead more effectively
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