DiSC® Classic Facilitation Kit (Digital)


sku 1187-1

Easily customizable DiSC® training kit

  • Over 250 PowerPoint slides and 60 minutes of video content
  • Help participants learn about their DiSC® style and relate to others
  • Improve communication, teamwork, productivity, and sales
  • Includes licensed USB flash drive, DiSC® Classic People Reading Guides, and QuikDiSC® Card game
  • For use with DiSC® Classic Blue Paper profile, DiSC® Classic 2.0 online profile, and DiSC® Classic 2.0 Plus online profile

This version is more concise and to the point. It also includes all of the important information from the original text, such as the number of slides, the length of the video content, the benefits of the kit, and the included materials.


Whether you are an experienced facilitator or a first-time user, this DiSC® Classic Facilitation Kit contains everything you need to deliver professional results using the DiSC® Classic online 2.0 & 2.0 Plus profiles or the Blue Paper individual profiles (sold separately).

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