DiSC® Classic Group Culture Report



Use the DiSC® Classic Group Culture Report for groups of any size when you want to see the collective impact of individual styles that make up the group.

The 13-page report explores all of the aspects of the D, i, S, and C cultures without identifying participant names to help the group understand exactly what is valued most overall and what may lead some to feel uncomfortable. Typically used after an introduction to the DiSC® model and review of individual profile results, the facilitator report helps group members have a better feeling about the attitudes, behavior, and satisfaction that make up their regular interaction.

People who fit into the culture often feel right at home in the group. For some people, the culture leads them to feel like strangers in a strange land. The environment makes them uncomfortable.

Culture also has implications for the group as a whole. It affects such things as the pace at which work gets done, how outsiders are treated, the attention paid to details or the risks that the group takes. These in turn influence the success of the group in meeting its goals.

Can be purchased individually or through the EPIC profile administration system. [ view sample DiSC® Classic Group Culture Report ]



DiSC® Classic Group Culture Report (without Participant Names) Online product and can only be used in conjunction with three (3) or more DiSC® Classic 2.0 or 2.0 Plus profiles. DiSC® Classic Group Culture Report shows how Group culture has an impact on the behavior, attitudes, and satisfaction of each group member.

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