EPIC Sub Account


Must Already Have an Administrator Account. For any complex organization that has widespread geographical locations, executive groups, or extensive functional divisions that may want the benefits of administering a single overall account while granting others limited access to the profiles and reports for their areas. It is also possible to establish a sub-account to segregate training expenses without having to allocate them internally.


EPIC is a secure website that allows you to easily create and manage custom online profiles. EPIC offers report options to aid in program facilitation and options that offer an expanded user experience.

EPIC is a web-based program you can access at any time—issue Access Codes, monitor report completion, and print reports from anywhere in the world. An EPIC Administrator Account is simple enough for individual coaches, trainers, or small businesses to use yet, it has the capacity to meet the training needs of virtually any-sized organization including some of the world’s largest multi-national organizations.

EPIC Sub Account

Assessment access codes for new individual participants or groups containing hundreds can be sent out easily and quickly via the internet with reports accessed just as swiftly. There is no need to back up any profiles or reports as everything resides on Wiley’s extensive server system. You can purchase EPIC credits here and they are quickly applied to your account. Contact us if you prefer a direct billing option.

The EPIC Edge

EPIC is an online profile delivery system that provides a simple way to send, customize, print, and store online assessments. As an EPIC system administrator, you have full control.