Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders™ Group Report


Utilize this profile to assess the leadership strengths and challenges of a group of individuals responsible for leading an organization, technology initiative, geographical or functional division, or even an entire country, by analyzing their tendencies and understanding their impact on effectiveness.

Ideal for use with boards of directors, executive management committees, religious organizations, hospitals, and other organizations to enhance direction, engagement, and results.

Work of Leaders: Vision, Alignment, and Execution

Work of Leaders provides a simple, three-step process to help you reflect on how you approach the most fundamental work of leaders: Creating a Vision, building Alignment around that vision, and championing Execution of the vision.


What leadership practices come naturally to your group?  Designed exclusively for use with the Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders Profile, this Group Report brings together individual data to give participants a composite overview.  The graphs illustrate the group’s approach to Vision, Alignment, and Execution and help explore the group’s overall strengths and challenges to create an action plan for success.  Participant names are not included in this report.

About this Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders™ Group Report

The Group Report presents a comprehensive overview of the preferred leadership behaviors of a group based on the best practices of effective leadership. The context-specific nature of these best practices means that the preferred behaviors can vary depending on the situation at hand. The report showcases group-level data through visually appealing graphs and provides a summary of the group’s strengths, challenges, and action steps. Individual data is not disclosed, but the group’s tendencies will be explored through discussion questions, encouraging group members to engage in meaningful dialogue.

Where did the Work of Leaders come from?

This program was developed over a four-year period, beginning with an analysis of the work of leadership researchers from the past 30 years. With the assistance of 300 subject matter experts from over 150 organizations, a distinct set of best practices in leadership was identified.

How do we define leadership?

The Work of Leaders views leadership as a relationship between a leader and a group, rather than just a relationship between a manager and an individual.

How does leadership connect to your DiSC®?

our DiSC® style affects the way you carry out each step of the leadership process. DiSC® doesn’t determine whether you can or cannot complete the steps, but rather shows the amount of effort needed for each aspect of each step.

Online product and can only be used in conjunction with three (3) or more Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders individual profiles.

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