Everything DiSC® Workplace Profile



The Everything DiSC® Workplace tool can be utilized by individuals at any level within an organization, leading to a superior work environment. It can be utilized as a standalone report or as part of a classroom seminar. Pricing starts at $81 per profile and varies based on quantity. See the chart below or, create an account for pricing to apply.


The 20-page Everything DiSC® Workplace Profile is a subject-specific report that provides participants with valuable insights that will help them improve their self-awareness and understanding of others and provides practical ways to enhance their workplace relationships.

Built on a scientifically validated learning model, the profile provides personalized insights for participants, enabling them to learn how to connect more effectively and collaborate better with their colleagues.

Everything DiSC® Workplace Profile

The Everything DiSC® Workplace tool is designed for individuals at any organizational level, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the work environment. It can be used as a standalone report or incorporated into a classroom seminar.

The 20-page, subject-specific report offers participants valuable insights into their own behaviors and those of others, providing them with practical ways to improve their workplace relationships. The personalized, research-validated profile provides participants with actionable steps to enhance their connections and collaborate more effectively with their colleagues.

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