DiSC® Classic Profile – Dominance Family – “Creative” Pattern – D/C Style

The Creative Pattern is the fourth of four patterns in the Dominance family.

People with the DiSC® Classic Profile Creative Pattern express themselves from opposing behavioral forces. They desire immediate results yet have an equally strong desire for perfection.

You will observe aggression, and it will be tempered by sensitivity. They think and act quickly, yet will explore all options before deciding.

Creative styles exhibit great planning ability, and they strive for perfection. 

They make sound decisions yet may lack attention to interpersonal relationships.

Creative persons want the freedom to explore and the authority to test and re-test findings. Daily decisions are easy for them, but they use extreme caution when making bigger decisions. 

They weigh pros and cons and can appear cool, aloof, or blunt.

Observable BehaviorsAppears private and restrained, accepts aggression
Motivated ByUnique accomplishments and dominance
Judges  Others ByTask accomplishments and dominance
Influences Others ByInnovative approaches and development of systems
Value to the TeamCan be a positive change agent
OverusesDemeaning condescending attitudes, blunt & critical
When StressedBecomes independent & bored with routine work.  Sulks!
FearsFailure to accomplish goals and lack of influence

DiSC® Classic Profiles – Increased Effectiveness with Tasks and People:

With high expectations,  D/C’s can become too demanding of themselves and others. Left unchecked, the D inspired bluntness and C inspired pickiness can add stress to the workplace.  D/C’s have have a reputation for producing excellent results – and while they would rather not check in with others, or share control, asking questions and offering advice will help to bring others on board.    D/C’s will gain cooperation and help others see their point of view with a brief explanation of how they arrived at their consclusions and decisons.   

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