EPIC Credits


Important: Volume users (1,000+ EPIC credits per year), educational, non-profit, and governmental organizations typically qualify for contract pricing that may be more favorable compared to the EPIC credit purchase quantity price brackets below. Contact us to find out if you qualify.

Contact us directly to learn more about receiving quantity discount pricing!

**Note: for EPIC Credits orders of 1,000 or more, please call for special pricing.


EPIC credits can only be utilized within an already established EPIC Administrator Account. These EPIC credits, obtained from Discprofiles4U.com, can be redeemed on Wiley’s EPIC platform for access to profiles and reports. The EPIC system provides access to all Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviors™ assessments, eliminating the need for separate purchases of individual assessments.

EPIC credits never expire. If you order a few more than are currently necessary, those extra credits may be used for profiles to be completed sometime in the future.

Credits may not be applied to the purchase of items such as training tools.

The EPIC Edge

EPIC is an online profile delivery system that provides a simple way to send, customize, print, and store online assessments. As an EPIC system administrator, you have full control.