DiSC Behavioral Styles – Working with the High C Personality

People with DiSC Behavioral Styles that show a primary High C Personality or Consciousness Style are task-oriented; so don’t attempt or expect to be their friend before working with them a short while. Friendship may develop later, but it’s not a priority for them as it would be with the Influence Styles. They need their questions answered in detail, so give them data. They are time-disciplined, so be sensitive and respect their schedules.

Be systematic, logical, well prepared, and exact with them. Give their DiSC Behavioral Styles time to make decisions and work independently. Support the Conscientiousness Styles in their organized, thoughtful approach to problem solving. Allow them to verbalize in detail.

Rely on them to conduct research, crunch numbers, and perform detailed footwork for the work group. Do not expect the High C Personality to be leaders or outspoken contributors. Be patient, thorough, well prepared, detail-oriented, business-like, and set appropriate guidelines and exact deadlines.

High C Personality Styles – At Work – Help Them to

• Balance their lives with both interaction and tasks
• Lighten up and view people and tasks less seriously and critically
• Share their knowledge and expertise with others
• Maintain high expectations for high priority items on their task list
• Shoot for realistic deadlines and parameters

High C Personality Styles – Sales and Service Strategies

• Be prepared to answer their questions as soon as possible
• Avoid social talk – greet cordially but proceed quickly to the task
• Document how and why something applies – tell them both the pros and cons
• Give them time to evaluate and think; avoid pushing them into a hasty decision
• Hone your skills in logic and practicality – deliver what you promise

 High C Personality Styles – in Social Settings

• Listen to their concerns, reasoning, and suggestions
• Respond rather formally and politely – using a logical approach
• Acknowledge them privately about their logical thinking ability
• Focus on how pleased you are with their procedures
• Solicit their insights and suggestions

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