People with DiSC® Behavioral Styles that show a primary High D Personality are goal-oriented, so your approach can be adjusted to support their ideas, appeal to their sense of accomplishment, and respect their need for power and prestige.

High D Personality

High D Personality people typically want to call the shots and are not the type to take a back seat to others. So work efficiently and competently, and don’t waste their time. Give them bulleted lists to read in advance, and make communications relevant.  Then if you have disagreements, argue the facts, not your feelings.

High D Personality – General Strategies:

• Explain their reasons for decisions
• Be more attentive and responsive to emotions
• Take a more realistic approach to assessing risk factors
• Follow rules, regulations and expectations
• Be more deliberate and cautious when making decisions.

High D Personality – Sales and Service Strategies 

• Meet them in a businesslike and professional manner
• Get to the point and don’t waste their time.
• Give them options and let them make final decisions
• Learn of their goals, objectives, and motivations – then support them
• Be prepared, organized, and fast-paced

 High D Personality – Socialization Strategies

• Give them your time and undivided attention
• Convey your acceptance and be open with them
• Acknowledge and appreciate them when appropriate
• Listen attentively to their suggestions
• Summarize their achievements and accomplishments

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