DiSC Profiles and “Psychological Satisfaction”

Introducing DiSC Profiles help people realize how IMPORTANT they are!

DiSC Profile practitioners understand that 90 percent of the things people do are prompted by a desire to feel important and achieve “Psychological Satisfaction.”  Unfortunately, often a person’s experiences communicate exactly the opposite message: Consider  Sammy, who sees himself as “A Born Loser.”

DiSC Profiles and Psychological SatisfactionWhy?  Because, as a child, the kids called Sammy “Pee-wee.” The teacher told him he was stupid and couldn’t learn. His mother nagged him about his messy appearance. He didn’t make the football team. Girls didn’t like him, and he got bullied on the playground. When he grew up, his mother-in-law thinks her daughter should have married a doctor. At work customers call him names, and co-workers are trying to get ahead of him. Nobody thinks he’s important.

Now, you come along.  You’re Sam’s supervisor.  You want to motivate Sam.   So you use the skills you learned in  DiSC Training or Certification.  You overlook his weaknesses, and focus on the strengths in his DiSC Personality Style.  You affirm him!  You respect him!   You make Sam feel 10 feet tall.  You become the DiSC Behavioral Coach who knows he could be your top sales person or even the president of the company.  You then become a lot of people to him, all the people he wanted to impress but didn’t.

You see him as a worthwhile human being, loaded with untapped potential, and you go out of your way to express this to him. You provide him with the “psychological satisfaction”  that helps him thrive.   Here are some of the ways you do it.

People never really grow out of that constant need for praise and appreciation. The number-one reason people give for quitting their jobs is “No one appreciated what I did.” So get in the habit of being “praise minded.”   Notice the way people dress, act, or do their jobs.

And remember this . . . one of the sweetest sounds in the world is a person’s own name. Use it often! And learn more about what makes them people feel important.  Understanding their wants and needs by using the Everything DiSC Workplace Profile.  You’ll be glad you did!

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