Everything DiSC Management Profiles Get Adaptive Testing

Everything DiSC Management Profiles Get Adaptive Testing


The Everything DiSC Management Profile has been updated to provide participants with the benefits of Adaptive Testing (AT).  This aligns Everything DiSC Management Profiles with the AT improvements already made to Everything DiSC Workplace and Everything DiSC Work of Leaders.

Why this change?
AT produces more precise results, which in turn provides a better experience for the user. The biggest benefit of AT is a more precise measurement—increased personalization based on this greater precision and accuracy leads to a more accurate profile and more satisfied participants. Go here for a refresher on What is Adaptive Testing.     

Below is an overview of what you’ll find in the new Everything DiSC Management Profile.



An Introduction to Everything DiSC Management Profiles and Adaptive Testing

Your DiSC Overview:

  • Your Dot – How the report is personalized to you
  • Is Your Dot Close to the Edge or Close to the Center – Your Dot Tells the Story
  • Your DiSC Priorities and Shading – Your shading expands the story
  • What Priorities Shape Your Management Experience
  • Your Management Preferences – What do you enjoy about managing?

Your Motivators:

  • What drains your Energy as a Manager?
  • Your Stressors
  • Your Directing and Delegating Style
  • How Do you Approach Directing and Delegating

Directing and Delegating each of the DiSC Profile Styles:

  • How does the each DISC Style Like to Work
  • Potential Problems when working together with Each DISC Style
  • How to Be Effective  with each of the DISC Styles

Motivation and the environment that you create:

  • How can you Help Create a Motivational Environment for each of the DiSC Styles
  • What’s the best way to motivate each of the DiSC Styles
  • What’s the best way for you to recognize and reward each of the DiSC Styles

Your approach for developing others:

  • Developing Each of the DiSC Styles
  • Obstacles and Strategies in the Development Process

How your manager sees you:

  • Working with each of the DiSC Manager
  • Advocating and Getting Buy-In
  • Dealing With Conflict

Learn more about DiSC Behavioral Styles with Everything DiSC Profiles.

Which Profiles to use or How Profiles Work

The most popular DiSC Profiles are:

Everything DiSC Workplace Profiles (online)
Everything DiSC Sales
 Profiles (online)
Everything DiSC Management Profiles (online)
Everything DiSC Work of Leaders (online)

DiSC Classic 2.0 Profiles (online)
DiSC Classic Profiles (the original paper version)

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