The DiSC Assessment and Workforce Recruiting

The DiSC Assessment can be valuable in the Recruiting Process

DiSC Assessment and Recruiting
The DiSC Assessment can be used in a variety of applications and is often used as a recruitment tool by organizations looking for insight into a persons behavioral style.

So let’s look at four recruitment applications with the DiSC Assessment, and consider some of the advantages and possible disadvantages of using the DiSC Profile in the recruitment process.

Creating a Shortlist with a DiSC Assessment

With today’s difficult job market, applications are pouring in.  It’s often not possible to personally interview so many candidates.  Companies solve this problem by creating a shortlist of promising candidates and conduct their interviews from that list.

Application forms and resumes seldom convey enough information for an organization to make a decision about job fit for any individual candidate.  The DiSC Assessment can be valuable here.

By using a DiSC Assessment that is administered online using the Electronic Profile Information Center (EPIC), you can create a folder that includes each of your applicants.  Then the results can be compared to the results gathered from the Role Behavior Analysis.

A view of all applicant profiles graphs can be printed on one page for comparison.  This process helps expedite the development of the shortlist, especially if a large number of applicants are being considered.

While a DiSC Assessment is a useful tool to use when creating a shortlist, it is not designed as an exclusive source for making hiring decision.  Recruiters also want to consider previous experience and other variable qualifications.

Pre-Interviewing with the DiSC Assessment

After a shortlist has been completed, it’s time to send out invitations for an in-person interview.  There is no need to assess the applicant again prior to the interview.

The in-person Interview with the DiSC Assessment

The DiSC Assessment can be a valuable aid in-person interview.  It can help the interviewer be more tactical in several ways.

  • Assessments can surface potential challenges that would not likely emerge with a traditional interview.  Some assessments offer suggestions for improvement or greater job effectiveness based on the behavioral style.
  • Communication between the interviewer and the interviewee can be enhanced with information gathered in an assessment.  Understanding an interviewee’s motivating factors and priorities can shed light on the discussion.

Accepting or Rejecting

While the DiSC Assessment provides valuable information, it is not predictive.  It does not precisely determine job fit, job fitness or success.  Instead, it describes a persons behavioral patterns, style, traits, or personality type.

Some organizations include a DiSC Assessment with rejection letters, indicating reasons for rejection and providing the applicant some guidance for future job searches and career development.

After a person is hired, the DiSC Assessment is an extremely valuable tool to manage performance and for building workplace teams.  A perfect place to start is with a DiSC Workplace Profile.

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