The DiSC Profile is a great New Year’s Gift for YOU!

Unwrap your personal DiSC Profile as a New Year’s gift to yourself.  

The first week of the New Year is a great time to make a list of your accomplishments over the past year.  It’s also the time for conducting a DiSC Profile self-inventory.  As a part of that process, there are three important gifts that you can give to yourself:

DiSC Profile-New Year-2013-BalloonsAcknowledgment is a recognition of your strengths and the contributions you make to others.   Assess anything you do that adds value to your family or your workplace team.

Appreciation relates to your own expressions of gratitude for all that you are; all that you have and all that you do.

Acceptance relates to accepting yourself – and here is where affirmations come in. Make sure that your affirmations are positive rather than negative.  See yourself in a position of abundance rather than lack.  Choose to do the “Abun-dance” rather than living with a feeling of “Scare-city.”

And, don’t wait for these gifts to come from someone else, give them to yourself.  I know, you may think “who am I to honor and congratulate myself”?   If not you then who?  There is a universal need for affirmation and it starts with you.  If the recognition you crave doesn’t come from others, give yourself permission to Acknowledge, Appreciate and Accept yourself just as you are.

The DiSC Workplace Profile is a great place to conduct a self-inventory.   Look for your naturally occurring strengths, talents and abilities that contribute to others, your job, and to making your life what you want it to be.

Don’t hesitate to wrap this essential gift to yourself, and tie a beautiful ribbon on it.  You’ll be glad you did.

Happy New Year in 2013!

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