Five Dysfunctions of a Team

In today’s digitally driven world, the flexibility to work from virtually anywhere at any time greatly enhances employee freedom. This evolution in the workplace brings with it significant flexibility on the employee side but presents unique challenges for employers as they strive to ensure a unified and positive experience for all team members, regardless of their physical location.

Deloitte emphasizes that by focusing attention on the employee experience, HR leaders can significantly boost employee engagement, empower teams and leaders, and craft workforce solutions that are both useful and appealing to employees. However, this task proves particularly challenging for virtual teams that often lack the benefits of regular face-to-face interaction.

Remote Team Building That Works

At AmerisourceBergen, a global leader in healthcare solutions, the Enterprise IT senior leadership team faced particular challenges with engagement in their remote work settings. Dale Danilewitz, the CIO, observed that the virtual environment introduced interpersonal barriers that hindered effective teamwork, leading to noticeable signs of disengagement and communication difficulties. Committed to overcoming these hurdles, Danilewitz aimed to foster a team culture rooted in collaboration, innovation, and most importantly, enjoyment—key elements to keeping a team motivated.

To address these issues head-on, Danilewitz turned to “The Five Behaviors®” program, an assessment-based learning framework that emphasizes the essential elements of trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and results to foster truly productive teamwork. This approach is particularly beneficial for virtual teams, where building trust can be challenging due to limited in-person interactions.

Through their commitment to “The Five Behaviors” program, AmerisourceBergen embarked on a transformative journey that profoundly enhanced their remote team building and operational effectiveness. The program helped establish vulnerability-based trust, enabling deeper interpersonal connections and a more cohesive team environment. As they progressed, the benefits became evident, showcasing how strategic HR initiatives, coupled with effective frameworks like The Five Behaviors, are vital for successful team dynamics in today’s fast-evolving digital business landscape.

This journey not only improved their immediate team interactions but also set a standard for collective goal alignment and achieving significant business outcomes.

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