Learn how to use the Management section of Everything DiSC®’s Catalyst platform

This three-part series on Catalyst will show you every feature of this powerful learning platform to help you learn your way and start improving your professional life. Here are the highlights of this Catalyst series:

Part I – Introduction to the platform and a deep dive into the ‘Your colleagues’ section
Part II – A detailed review of the Workplace section
Part III – A look into Catalyst’s Management section that focuses on developing managerial capabilities

Mateo Gets Promoted!

In our previous article, Mateo discovered how to connect with others, build better relationships, and handle challenges. His workplace relationships with his peers improved drastically. But now, Mateo has been promoted to a managerial role. Now he’s in charge of not only his performance but also seven others’ who report to him.

After getting the news about his promotion, Mateo felt a surge of happiness and pride. But as soon as he sat down in his office for a breather, reality started to set in. He began to feel the weight of this new responsibility.

“Being knowledgeable in my area is only one part of my job. Being responsible for seven others is a new game altogether,” Mateo thought, “How am I going to figure out how to do this?”

Suddenly, his past two wins using Catalyst flashed in his mind.

“How did I forget my magic scepter?” Mateo playfully questioned himself. He immediately planned a detailed Catalyst session which he had now come to rely on in all his people-related issues.

That night, in the comfort of his living room, Mateo sat down to explore Catalyst’s Management section. He also had his notepad with him to take copious notes for implementing all he’d be learning.

Mateo’s Management Masterclass

After logging in to his Catalyst profile, Mateo headed straight to the Management section he previously hadn’t paid much attention to.

Here’s what he saw:

He decided to focus on the first four topics, arming him with information and strategies for managing his new team.

Management Overview

This section provided Mateo with a great overview of using Everything DiSC® to help him be a better manager. He watched a video explaining how the DiSC system can boost his management skills. He realized that by understanding himself and others, he would be in a much better position to adapt his management approach.

Mateo was excited to learn management strategies using Everything DiSC® Catalyst.

Your Management Style

This section provided Mateo with insight into his current management style. He learned that his DiSC priorities influence the way he manages. Here’s Mateo’s map:

In addition to the three priorities typical of someone with the SC style, Mateo’s DiSC Map showed him stretching to include the Drive and Action priorities. After reading the description of each of his priorities, Mateo had a precise picture of how those priorities influence his management style.

Mateo also got a personalized list of the management tasks he enjoys. He found himself nodding his head vehemently, in agreement. He made quick notes to leverage these tasks to get better results.

Mateo continued reading and discovered several aspects of managing others that might be draining for him. It was a revelation, and after going through the list, he had to agree that these activities did stress him out. For example, he always believed his decision-making to be rather weak. But there were two points stating, “Making decisions without time for analysis” and “Making quick, firm decisions for the group”. “I knew decision-making stressed me out but I never knew that the haste of making decisions was the real issue,” Mateo thought with a sigh of relief. Now he knew how to avoid this stress and make better decisions.

Direct & Delegate

This part of the Management section was designed to inform Mateo about his way of delegating and supporting people and each employee’s preferred way of being directed.

It started with helping Mateo see how his DiSC style influences the way he directs and delegates, including a list of his strengths & challenges. This information showed him where he thrives as well as areas needing improvement. He took special note of the challenging areas and resolved to make an action plan to overcome each one of them.

The next part really helped Mateo see how he could adapt his natural style of directing and delegating to better meet the needs of the people on his team. He could even type in the name of one of his direct reports and see their style so he could read the tips on managing that style. Anxious to get started, he typed in Dave Haskell, and discovered Dave has the i  style.

He clicked on the i style to see what kind of information he can get. As usual, Catalyst exceeded his expectations! The guide on managing the i style included how they liked to work, challenges Mateo might face working with the i style, and how to adapt his SC style to manage someone with the i style based on how experienced the person is.

Mateo had access to a complete manual he could use to manage not only Dave, but a winning team!


Mateo had a feeling that Catalyst would address the important issue of keeping a team motivated toward achieving results. Eventually, he got there.

In the Motivation section, Mateo learned that he needed to create an environment where each person on his team could find their own natural motivation. Mateo’s DiSC style influences the kind of environment he naturally creates, but of course that doesn’t work for everyone. Catalyst gave Mateo a clear picture of the effects his motivation landscape will have on his team members,

And once again, the power of Catalyst ignited, including being able to type in the name of any of his direct reports, and then reading about how to motivate that person, based on their DiSC style. Mateo was feeling more confident about stepping into his new role as a manager!


Whether you’re a new manager or have years of experience, having access to the Everything DiSC® Catalyst platform feels like having a crystal ball that tells you your team’s working styles, motivators, stressors, and preferences. This knowledge can help you become the best manager your organization has ever had.

If you want to boost your management skills, head over to our Everything DiSC® Catalyst page to sign up and start your customized management masterclass today.