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Research and Validation

Inscape Publishing is committed to rigorous and ongoing Research, Reliability and Validation of all their products. – Research reports are found here in PDF Format.

Everything DiSC Research Statements:

  • Everything DiSC Research: For All 79-item Assessments
    Section 1: Everything DiSC® Assessment Research
    Section 2: Everything DiSC® Management Research
    Section 3: Everything DiSC® Sales Research
    Section 4: Everything DiSC Workplace® Research
    Section 5: Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders™ Research
    Section 6: Everything DiSC® Comparison Report Research
    Section 7: Appendices
  •  Everything DiSC: Adaptive Testing - For All 79 item Assessments
    Section 1: Everything DiSC® Assessment Research
    Section 2: Everything DiSC® Management Research
    Section 3: Everything DiSC® Sales Research
    Section 4: Everything DiSC Workplace® Research
    Section 5: Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders™ Research
    Section 6: Everything DiSC® Comparison Report Research
    Section 7: Appendices
  • Everything DiSC® How My Graph Became a Dot -
    Learn how the new Circle Model with a Dot is more intuitive, memorable and more relevant than the DiSC Classic Graph Model.

DiSC Classic Research Statements:

Research Statements for Non-DiSC Profiles: