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EPIC Delivers DiSC Profiles Electronically

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EPIC allows you to manage large quantities of profiles online and gain access to all of Inscape's Online Profiles and FREE Comparison Reports

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Everything DiSC Facilitator Reports

Learn more about your group's styles and culture

Group facilitator reports help to clarify and provide insight about participants and the dynamics of the group. It is recommended that you use it you have more than three people who when facilitating the DiSC Tests.

Everything DiSC® Facilitator Report (Uses 25 EPIC Credits)


The DiSC Facilitator Report is designed to help the facilitator better understand the group and prepare for training sessions. It describes all profiles within the group, the culture of the group, summarizes all data, and defines issues to consider for all team members. Participant names are included in the report.

View Sample Facilitator Report


Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders Facilitator Report (Uses 25 EPIC Credits)

Designed exclusively for use with the Everything Work of Leaders Profile.  This report brings together individual data to give facilitators a deeper understanding of the group.  Both group and individual data is presented by graphs for each of the best practices, accompanied by a brief explanation and personalized discussion questions.  By understanding the group's strengths and challenges the facilitator can help draw out powerful conversations and indispensable action.  Facilitator report also includes participant names and specific continua-level feedback. 

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Everything DiSC® Group Culture Report (Uses 25 EPIC Credits)


everything-disc-group-culture-report.pngThe DiSC Culture Report is designed to be distributed to participants for training and group discussion. It helps to understand needs, goals, fears, emotions, and behaviors within in group culture. Participant names are not included in the report, making it appropriate as a handout for all participants.

View Sample DiSC Culture Report

Everything DiSC® Comparison Reports - FREE

FREE with an EPIC Account

Compare any two people who have taken any of the Everything DiSC Profiles. Person A and Person B both get an 11-page comparison report.


The report shows strengths, challenges, and relationship behaviors of both people.

Sample Comparison of Person A to Person B

Sample Comparison of Person B to Person A

DiSC® 363 for Leaders Coaching Supplement

FREE with the purchase of 363 for Leaders Report

Supplies supplemental information for use with Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders.

Everything DiSC Team View Report - Free in your EPIC Account

View your entire team at a glance! 12 graphs per page

You can print a Team View Report FREE.
Includes anyone who has taken an Everything DiSC Profile.

View Sample Team View Report