Everything DiSC® Comparison Report



Must have two complete Everything DiSC® profiles to run this report.

The Everything DiSC® Comparison Report provides a comprehensive analysis of the similarities and differences between two individuals who have taken any of the Everything DiSC® Profiles. Person A and Person B will each receive an 11-page report that highlights their strengths, challenges, and relationship behaviors. This report is available complimentary and there are no limits to the number of comparisons that can be made. Access is included with all Everything DiSC® Profiles, making it an excellent tool for trainers, coaches, and individuals looking to deepen their understanding of interpersonal relationships.


The Everything DiSC® Comparison Report provides a comprehensive analysis of two individuals who have completed an Everything DiSC® profile, including Workplace, Sales, Management, Agile EQ, Productive Conflict, or Work of Leaders.

This 11-page report is a great resource that offers a comparison of the DiSC® styles of the two participants, highlighting their similarities and differences.

The report showcases key traits, such as:

  • daring vs. careful
  • soft-spoken vs. forceful
  • calm vs. energetic
  • tactful vs. frank
  • skeptical vs. accepting
  • accommodating vs. strong-willed
  • patient vs. driven, private vs. outgoing
  • lively vs. reserved

The report also provides a visual and narrative representation of the roadblocks and potential benefits of working together, based on the DiSC® comparison. With unlimited access, the Everything DiSC® Comparison Report is a valuable tool for understanding individual differences and optimizing collaboration and teamwork.

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